Ogün's Place

My family in 1972

He is opening a small restaurant in Hayıtbükü. At that time, there was no communication way to Hayıtbükü. At that time, Datça was reached by minibus boats.

My mother (by getting up early in the morning) was making a living by making tea and selling tea to those who came by sea. Village chicken was served to those who did not drink tea, and this continued until 1980. One day, while I was sailing with my sister, the tourists invited us to the boats and asked us for help to get ashore. At that time, there were two rane restaurants in the village, one of our neighbors and one of ours. Our forwarding looked like a home and only had three tables. While the tourists were going to the other restaurant, I said to my sister; we brought them, why don’t we take them to us. My sister told me to go with her and tell her and call us. .So I took them and took them to our forwarding. I made them for sale along with the treats. This was our family’s first real money earner. The next day, another boat docked and I tried to communicate with them. I learned that they were French and I showed them to our restaurant and invited them to our restaurant with two words I knew in French. .I need to understand what they say in their foreign language My brother, who saw me approaching the boat, thought that I was disturbing the tourists and reacted to me.

At that time, my mother intervened and explained that I was trying to invite tourists to the business, explaining that I was trying to both trade and explain our culture, and that it was unnecessary for her to get angry. After that, a friend and I from the other business welcomed the tourists who came to the shore in the afternoon. The other restaurant owner was a little bigger and less He used his advantage and told me to get lost, so I reacted and told him that I had the right to attract tourists to the region and I had the right to host them. While all this was going on, I always kept a smile on my face. Besides, they went to them with a boat and were aware that it was me who invited them, so they came and ate at our establishment. Since there was no electricity in the village at the time, I made lights out of cotton and olive oil for them. In those days, there was only chicken on our menu, and tourists would choose the biggest of live chickens. Believe me, keeping that chicken was a big problem, I was sweating until I caught the chicken. And they would leave very happy.

I went to them many times and tried to improve my language while pulling their ropes to the shore. I also tried to talk to them and improve my language. I wrote the important words and memorized them and got to work. As time passed, the owner of the boat started to not let me, because we were starting to make money now. As I understood later, the owner of the boat was supporting the restaurant owner next door, so I let him go. He had not given me to use his sandal.

As a result, I was swimming and going to the tourists while the other restaurant owner was going to the tourists in the boat. The tourists who asked what happened to my boat, got very angry when they heard the story because they knew me from the previous time. They took me with their own boats and the other three boats came to our restaurant. Thinking that I had stopped by, I gathered all my efforts and started to welcome the tourists with great excitement. My heart was pounding every time and for one season I swam to the tourists. At that moment, I had only one idea in my mind, to save money and buy my own raft and I succeeded. My father bought the boat and gave it to me as a gift. I wrote his name in front of it and wrote “taxi driver, boot service” next to it. My boat was telling everything, tourists who saw it wanted to pay me for taking their ropes to the shore for my service, but I wouldn’t buy it. At first my brother and I would kidnap it from my sister and then share it with them after this game. At the beginning of the work, while we were preparing food for tourists, my sister cooked it, She was 13 and oldur brother was 17 years old.

One day, I met a Dutch family that came close to the shore. In a short time, they became friendly and we started talking. They saw my effort and appreciated me, and they invited me to the Netherlands. I told them that I would like to come and visit when I had money one day. They said they could cover my expenses and invited me to their country. I told my family about the situation. The Dutch family tried to persuade for a long time and they partially succeeded in persuading my family. My mother said that she could not allow this after they left. In the morning, the tourists explained their plans and wrote to me. Even though the Turkish tourists who came for a long time, their thoughts were in favor of me leaving, and my mother started to warm to the idea. Our English-speaking Turkish customers helped me write a letter. My family did not know about this, but the Dutch family replied to my letter. There was also an invitation to help me get a visa. My mother was convinced after receiving a positive opinion from a friend with whom she shared the situation. After getting a passport in Muğla, she went to İzmir. visa to Ankara from there At that time, my sisters were studying there and helped us. After getting the visa, the Dutch family sent me my ticket. When I got on the plane, I realized that my fear was unfounded because the family welcomed me and took me to their home.

They welcomed me very warmly and made me go to school and learn English for 3 months. I suddenly got into a rich life out of poverty. It took time to get used to it. I didn’t want to be a burden when they took me shopping, but the children made choices for me. When I completed my language education and returned to Mesudiye, I could communicate very well now. I developed our restaurant and turned it into a good business. During this time, we started to experience tension with the retired police who bought the restaurant next door. They could come with the tourists without the need for them. Later, the trees near the restaurant were cut down and I bought the land next to it and made it beautiful so as not to miss the tourists. The problems with the neighbors in Zamala were resolved. Now we have a nice business and our friends from all over the world visit us.