Check-in time:

Check-in time is 14:00. When making your reservation, you can request early check-in. Early check-in is not a guaranteed service; This is a process we can assist with, subject to availability.

Check-out time from the hostel:

Check-out time * is 12:00. We would like to thank you in advance for your sensitivity regarding the evacuation of our rooms until 12:00. Our guests can request to extend the check-out time.

Is there a possibility of an extra bed for an extra person in the rooms?:

Due to the nature of our rooms, no extra beds can be placed. If you specify in your reservation, we can arrange a baby bed in your room at no additional charge.

What type of air conditioning is available in the rooms?:

Our pension rooms have separate air conditioners for each room.

Is there an iron in the hostel rooms?:

Considering the safety and fire rules, the hotel does not have an ironing room or ironing service to the rooms.

Are the sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach paid?:

Sunbeds and umbrellas are free of charge for our guests staying in the hostel.

Can those who are not hostel customers on the beach receive service?

For those who want to swim and spend their day in Hayıtbükü, we have sun loungers and umbrellas for a fee.

Is it allowed to stay with pets?:

As a pet friendly business, we accept pets.

Bathroom layout in rooms:

All rooms have a shower cabin.

Wireless Internet access:

We have free wireless internet service in the social areas of our pension, and high-speed wireless internet service at the beach.

Car park::

Our hostel has free parking.

Is there food and beverage service in the hostel?:

Our hostel provides bed + breakfast and half board (bed + breakfast + dinner) service. You can enjoy the rich cuisine of our restaurant for a fee at lunch.

Is smoking allowed in the hostel? Where can it be drunk?:

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all rooms and all other indoor areas of our hostel. Smoking is allowed in open areas.

Can celebrations be organized for special occasions at the hotel?:

We will be happy to assist you to make your special days memorable. For this reason, we prepare special packages such as birthday, wedding anniversary or honeymoon as our treat (Paid).